Friday, February 24, 2006


Lot's of contraversy and outright rage about the Bosnian Pyramid find.
Below is the english translation of the new petition to stop Osmanagic and his supposed scam.

Allow NO Taliban in Bosnia!

Local warlords are undertaking an unprecedented con in the town of Visoko near Sarajevo, Bosnia. In doing so, they are endangering numerous archaeological sites dated back to Neolith as well as some of the possible first traces of human race in Europe.

This informal group includes corrupted wartime politicians, some of which advise to the Bosnia’s Prime Minister, while others fill seats in the Parliament of Bosnia-Herzegovina, as well as perform other high-profile governmental duties. There are strong indicators that the group has decided to support a project aimed at turning Bosnia’s common-shaped hills into – ancient pyramids!

While publicly expressing their support for Bosnia joining the European integration processes, these politicians practically do all in their power to stop the progress and to smother civilization values in Bosnia, as well as to fill their own pockets already hardened by estimated $6 billion in stolen foreign aid and donations sent to Bosnia during and after the 1992-1996 war.

The executioner's role was assigned to an amateur explorer of “lost civilizations Atlantis and Mu”. Sam Osmanagich is a construction contractor from Texas who came to the US when the Bosnian war started. He has no education whatsoever in any science.

The claims made by this delusional man (who walks-talks-dresses Indiana Jones style) show his complete disrespect for science and scientific method. For instance, he claims publicly that he alone is going to “change the entire history, and the entire science of the mankind”. One of his particularly amusing public statements was that the pyramids were a way for aliens to communicate! He also said that no shaving razor could ever go used up inside a pyramid...

Recently a foundation was founded, receiving all the government-controlled media support one could imagine. Even worse, the foundation has obtained all the necessary permits despite the public opposition by a renowned scientists and professionals. Against this depravity stands Enver Imamovic, a history professor from the U of Sarajevo, as well as the staff from the National Museum of Bosnia-Herzegovina who publicly called the project - a fraud.

The “project” is happening also in spite of the warnings by world-renowned archaeologists such as Professor Bruce Hitchner from Tufts U, USA, and Professor Blagoje Govedarica of U of Hamburg, Germany, that what this greedy group is after are well-known ancient burial sites!

The amateurish diggs of October 2005 have destroyed numerous Neolithic or pre-Neolithic tombs, while the slabs used originally for paving of the graves were presented to the public as “the walls which build the pyramids”. Several complete human skeletons were dug out, and those appeared only briefly in a media report; soon after they simply vanished from the public eye.

We must stop these corrupted hardline politicians from pulling off yet another scam. Their other failed projects include “Visoko Airport” missing a simple fact that Sarajevo Airport would be its main competition - at just 15 miles away, and “Budapest-Adriatic Highway” that was supposed to be built by some equally ridiculous personalities from Visoko as Mr. Osmanagich is…

As stated in the Foundation's statute (articles 6 and 7), their intended field of operations is not just the Visoko area, but Bosnia and Herzegovina in general. This is a precedent aimed at smothering civilization values in Bosnia, one that could mark the beginning of a Taliban era in Bosnia.


  • Click HERE and find out the "truth" about the Bosnian Pyramids Scam and the "delusional" contracter Indiana Osmanagic>

  • (Sponsored by a group of independent intellectuals)

  • Sign the NoPyramidsInBosnia Petition HERE>

    Anonymous parzifal odinson said...

    Face it
    Euro blooded volk are more and more found where true high culture has its growth in the whole world, plembridge man in the americas, ancient bodies in china...the list goes on..
    The semitic culture rapists constantly tell us , we are not a people and have no culture, well SCIENCE and history are telling a different story.

    Poor semites are no longer the center of the hoo

    2:10 AM  
    Blogger The Scavenger said...

    Er...what exactly are Euro blooded volk? Weren't the Aryians and other migrating Proto-Europeans from Asia? I wonder if they'll find any Schwimmwagens on Mars. Odinson - you win this weeks rubber Iron Cross.

    9:32 AM  
    Blogger PARZIFAL ODINSON said...

    Rubber iorn cross ..

    Any how euro blooded people are the ones who build 1st world nations and innovative tech.

    Now if you want to get all small bus about it .yes you can also sub divide our people based on our asiatic ancestry...
    but that little bit of side ways talk still changes very little.

    But good job woth the rubber iorn cross thing it must have taken you hours to figure that one out.....

    12:30 AM  
    Blogger The Scavenger said...

    Trying to be friendly and patronizing all at once Parzi?
    I got your drift the first time round. And don't worry I can peel 'em off - 60 per minute.
    Anyhoo I am not of the sub dividing type. Come to think of it I'm not even of the sub uniting type.

    End of Transmission

    See you at the Apocalypse.

    1:02 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    What the fuck talibans have with bosnian pyramid diggs ?

    6:49 AM  
    Blogger The Scavenger said...

    Аnonymous - the title and text is taken directly from a site (see link). The "corrupt wartime politicians" the author mentions in the text are supposed to have been on the islamic extremist payroll, supporting the same ideals as the Taliban. Check out fucking links first then make fucking comment. Comprende?

    3:11 PM  
    Blogger The Scavenger said...

    Anonymous, stop bothering me with your silly spam techniques (you naughty "hacker", you). If you have something to say - say it. Otherwise make yourself useful - go catch Karadzic or something.

    Hassan I Sabbah is watching you.

    9:24 AM  
    Blogger The Scavenger said...

    Spammer sez:

    Wazzzup. Very interesting, really!
    Its'not a spam, help sick children! I am very sorry!

    I can't beleive this muthafucka!

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