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From "Masterpiece of Religious Literature: Secrets of Other Creeds Revealed"

The Prophet Noble Dew Ali has spent many hours preparing the latest edition of the Koran, which will be a masterpiece of Religious Literature. To Americanize the Oriental idea of Islam involves many changes that are more or less negative to the main purpose of the Islamic Religion. Such changes are carefully considered with the idea to avoid changing the complexion of the original text.

The philosophy of the ancient Prophets is the main initiative in the compilation of the Koran. No thoughts of propaganda enter this work, as has been the case of many former religious works, such as the Bible and other books of creed.

The sole purpose of the Prophet in giving such a message to the world is to save fallen humanity. When a compiler attempts to inject propaganda into a work of this kind, there arises a need to cover the true text in order to prevent a clash with the truth and ideas involved in such propaganda.

Former works of this kind have either hindered or helped the nations proportionately to the adherence to the truth as to the original purpose of keeping the ignorant in such a state. It is hard to resist the temptation to use this medium for gain. Hence, many of the former treaties on works of this kind have been the means to foster ideas of the unscrupulous wherein they desired to use religious influence for gain.

The many secrets known to the Prophet that could be used for the salvation of the nation were either left out or colored to an extent that their meaning was made void. Such is not the case with this edition of the Koran.

Excerpts from the
Apocryphal sayings of the
Prophet Noble Drew Ali

Look around, and where you see people, one day wild animals will be roaming down the streets.

When the fire comes, I will be the water.

I have got airplanes, zeppelins and apparatus.

In the year 2000, the Moors will come into their own.

We have the blood of every nation flowing through our veins, thereby bringing about a cross spirit.

I placed a ball on Babylon, and its rolling down. Anybody that gets in the way is going to be ground to powder.

I am going to repeat myself.

When I open the floodgate its going to take sixteen secretaries just to take down the names.

I have got detectives everywhere.

The third and fourth generations will see the good of my work.

While I am talking to you Moors, my spirit is over in India with them, and those old sisters are jumping this high because of my coming to them.

Stay out of the alleys with your turbans on!

I could tell you some things that would turn your brain to water.

Your nationality card is going to change on you, right in your pocket.

One day you are going to look out into the streets, and the streets are going to be filled with turbans and fezzes, and the highways are going to be blocked.

The Moors watchdog is not a dog, but an elephant.

When I was born, it turned black dark in the daytime. The people put their hoes down and came out of the fields.

I have mended the broken wires and have connected them with higher powers.

If I tell you that I am going to do a thing, I have done it already.

I have fixed everything; I have stopped every rat hole.

Chicago is going to be your new Mecca.

Boil your drinking water.

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