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Strange article found on

Blogger writes:
The following article appeared a month ago. Everybody in the street bought a copy of the paper with a picture of the girl who turned into a kangaroo because her mother had thrown the Koran in her face. The men in the coffee shop around the gallery discussed it and wondered why all the Americans soldiers hadn't turned into kangaroos or monkeys after stepping on the Koran. "Because they're American," someone replied. What follows is a transcript of the article as it was published.

Arab Girl Turns Into A Terrifying Animal By God's Almighty Will!!

A very peculiar girl has appeared in one of the Arab countries, Yemen to be precise. She has the body of a female, complete with reproductive system, but she has the face of a kangaroo, which gives her a horrifying appearance. Rumors have spread across town that this girl was born this way because her mother blasphemed against the Holy Qur'an before having intercourse, so God deformed the child in this image. But what is strange is that this is not the only girl of her kind in the world. As a matter of fact, an Australian hospital has announced that another girl who looks like her was born in the hospital. This look-alike girl was the result of sexual intercourse between a 17-year-old Australian virgin girl and a kangaroo, an animal which inhabits the Australian woods, which is where the girl was taking a walk when she saw the kangaroo with which she had sex. The result was a baby girl born in the shape of a kangaroo.

It is worth noting that some of the media posted the rumor on several websites, reporting that this image is that of an Egyptian girl whose mother threw the Qur'an in her face so that she turned into this abnormal animal. However there is no proof of this animal's existence in Egypt, and all we can say is "Allah is truly almighty."

Scavenger sez:
Bizarre enough without mentioning the blogger's obvious belief in species crossbreeding.

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Lot's of contraversy and outright rage about the Bosnian Pyramid find.
Below is the english translation of the new petition to stop Osmanagic and his supposed scam.

Allow NO Taliban in Bosnia!

Local warlords are undertaking an unprecedented con in the town of Visoko near Sarajevo, Bosnia. In doing so, they are endangering numerous archaeological sites dated back to Neolith as well as some of the possible first traces of human race in Europe.

This informal group includes corrupted wartime politicians, some of which advise to the Bosnia’s Prime Minister, while others fill seats in the Parliament of Bosnia-Herzegovina, as well as perform other high-profile governmental duties. There are strong indicators that the group has decided to support a project aimed at turning Bosnia’s common-shaped hills into – ancient pyramids!

While publicly expressing their support for Bosnia joining the European integration processes, these politicians practically do all in their power to stop the progress and to smother civilization values in Bosnia, as well as to fill their own pockets already hardened by estimated $6 billion in stolen foreign aid and donations sent to Bosnia during and after the 1992-1996 war.

The executioner's role was assigned to an amateur explorer of “lost civilizations Atlantis and Mu”. Sam Osmanagich is a construction contractor from Texas who came to the US when the Bosnian war started. He has no education whatsoever in any science.

The claims made by this delusional man (who walks-talks-dresses Indiana Jones style) show his complete disrespect for science and scientific method. For instance, he claims publicly that he alone is going to “change the entire history, and the entire science of the mankind”. One of his particularly amusing public statements was that the pyramids were a way for aliens to communicate! He also said that no shaving razor could ever go used up inside a pyramid...

Recently a foundation was founded, receiving all the government-controlled media support one could imagine. Even worse, the foundation has obtained all the necessary permits despite the public opposition by a renowned scientists and professionals. Against this depravity stands Enver Imamovic, a history professor from the U of Sarajevo, as well as the staff from the National Museum of Bosnia-Herzegovina who publicly called the project - a fraud.

The “project” is happening also in spite of the warnings by world-renowned archaeologists such as Professor Bruce Hitchner from Tufts U, USA, and Professor Blagoje Govedarica of U of Hamburg, Germany, that what this greedy group is after are well-known ancient burial sites!

The amateurish diggs of October 2005 have destroyed numerous Neolithic or pre-Neolithic tombs, while the slabs used originally for paving of the graves were presented to the public as “the walls which build the pyramids”. Several complete human skeletons were dug out, and those appeared only briefly in a media report; soon after they simply vanished from the public eye.

We must stop these corrupted hardline politicians from pulling off yet another scam. Their other failed projects include “Visoko Airport” missing a simple fact that Sarajevo Airport would be its main competition - at just 15 miles away, and “Budapest-Adriatic Highway” that was supposed to be built by some equally ridiculous personalities from Visoko as Mr. Osmanagich is…

As stated in the Foundation's statute (articles 6 and 7), their intended field of operations is not just the Visoko area, but Bosnia and Herzegovina in general. This is a precedent aimed at smothering civilization values in Bosnia, one that could mark the beginning of a Taliban era in Bosnia.


  • Click HERE and find out the "truth" about the Bosnian Pyramids Scam and the "delusional" contracter Indiana Osmanagic>

  • (Sponsored by a group of independent intellectuals)

  • Sign the NoPyramidsInBosnia Petition HERE>
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    Scavengers fave recent cartoon insanity photos:

    Demonstrators torched the Colonels joint and killed Ronald McD. during Pakistans most violent protests so far over the caricatures.


    If this be, perchance, your bowl of forbidden fruit - take your pick!

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    Cobbled together from various net sources.

    There is no mention whatsoever of such a symbol in the Koran, nor is there any relationship between the crescent and star and the Prophet. Mohammeds flag was black and white, inscribed "Nasr um min Allah" (with the help of Allah).

    The early Muslim community did not have a symbol. During the time of the Prophet Muhammad, Islamic armies and caravans flew simple solid-colored (black, green or white) flags, for the purpose of identification. In later generations, the Muslim leaders continued to use simple black, white or green flags, with no markings, writing or symbols on it.

    Today, the star and crescent is widely accepted as a symbol of the Islamic faith and like the cross in Christian countries, is used in decorative arts, jewelry, and national flags. It is also associated with the use of the moon to time festivals. It is, however, not accepted by all Muslims. In fact, many Muslims consider it un-Islamic and even blasphemous.

    It is said that the five points of the star stand for the five pillars of Islam but this is also no more than conjecture.

    The star and crescent moon is a very ancient symbol that pre-dates Islam by several thousand years. Origins of the symbol are difficult to ascertain, but most sources agree that these ancient celestial symbols were in use by the peoples of Central Asia and Siberia and even the Balkans in their worship of sun, moon, and sky gods. 

    It dates back to early Sumerian civilization, where it was associated with the Sun God and Moon Goddess (one early appearance dates to 2100 BCE), and later, with the Goddess Tanit (above left) - Patron of Carthage and the consort of Baal, Astarte/Ishtar (above right) - the Phoenician Moon Goddess, the Greek Goddess Artemis (below left), worshipped by the Amazons and Roman Diana (below right). The symbol remained in near constant use.

    The city of Byzantium (later known as Constantinople and Istanbul) adopted the crescent moon symbol and it was featured on the city's flag. Either chosen in honor of Diana or a Roman victory of the Goths on the first day of a lunar month. It was eventually adopted into the battle-standard of the Ottoman Dynasty, who are mainly responsible for its association with Islam. As the Dynasty was also the policitical head of the faith, it was inevitable that their symbol would be associated with Islam as well.

    Thrace. Byzantion. Circa 1st Century BC. � 20mm. Draped bust of Artemis right; quiver, bow behind / BUZANTIWN, six-rayed star above crescent. SNG Cop 498

    This emblem, commonly recognized as the symbol of the Islamic faith, has actually acquired its relationship to the faith by association, rather than intent.

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