Friday, January 25, 2008


Strange article found on

Blogger writes:
The following article appeared a month ago. Everybody in the street bought a copy of the paper with a picture of the girl who turned into a kangaroo because her mother had thrown the Koran in her face. The men in the coffee shop around the gallery discussed it and wondered why all the Americans soldiers hadn't turned into kangaroos or monkeys after stepping on the Koran. "Because they're American," someone replied. What follows is a transcript of the article as it was published.

Arab Girl Turns Into A Terrifying Animal By God's Almighty Will!!

A very peculiar girl has appeared in one of the Arab countries, Yemen to be precise. She has the body of a female, complete with reproductive system, but she has the face of a kangaroo, which gives her a horrifying appearance. Rumors have spread across town that this girl was born this way because her mother blasphemed against the Holy Qur'an before having intercourse, so God deformed the child in this image. But what is strange is that this is not the only girl of her kind in the world. As a matter of fact, an Australian hospital has announced that another girl who looks like her was born in the hospital. This look-alike girl was the result of sexual intercourse between a 17-year-old Australian virgin girl and a kangaroo, an animal which inhabits the Australian woods, which is where the girl was taking a walk when she saw the kangaroo with which she had sex. The result was a baby girl born in the shape of a kangaroo.

It is worth noting that some of the media posted the rumor on several websites, reporting that this image is that of an Egyptian girl whose mother threw the Qur'an in her face so that she turned into this abnormal animal. However there is no proof of this animal's existence in Egypt, and all we can say is "Allah is truly almighty."

Scavenger sez:
Bizarre enough without mentioning the blogger's obvious belief in species crossbreeding.