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Descending to earth in the form of Narasimha, Lord Vishnu appears before the complaisant Hiranyakashipu (the fiery smoke emanating from his very head left a massive trail of destruction). As half-man (nara) and half-lion (simha), He is neither man nor lion; He springs out of a pillar; He strikes at twilight, when it is neither day nor light; and He attacks Hiranyakashipu at the threshold of his palace, under the arch of the doorway, neither on earth nor in the sky. Narasimha throws Hiranyakashipu upon His thighs and rips apart his bowels with His claws.

In the destruction of Hiranyakashipu, went along with him was his ignorance, false ego and other immoral values. But yet, in this world, there are still millions of Hiranyakashipus in the form of organised religions' leaders & preachers, corrupted politicians and terrorists. And Adharma (unrighteous ways) is never eternal and it will be crushed to death like how Narasimha did to Hiranyakashipu.

NARASIMHA hail all the way from Singapore. They are influenced by bands such as - Slayer, Death, Obituary, Motorhead, Immortal, Dark Angel, Napalm Death, Carcass, Celtic Frost, Possessed, Sodom, Venom, Cripple Bastards, Black Sabbath and Yngwie Malmsteen.

They like Metal, Being alone, rainy days, Girls, Jamming, Hanging out with friends, Indian Food, Chinese food, Chuck Schuldiner, surfing the net, jamming, soccer, movies, playing with Mike, watching videos of live rock concerts, Moshing, Eating, Prowling with the "Murderers", bashing preachers' faiths and their books in streets and online, sleeping, football, hanging out with crazy ppl on saturday nights, Tom Araya, Rajnikanth (thalaiva!), Swami Dayananda Saraswati, Advaita and Booking out.

They dislike 'Sheeps' and their organized religions, conversion, terrorism, all those fools who think that heaven or paradise is the ultimate goal, useless idiots who have no aims in life, the famous boy and girl bands in the world who can't compose their own songs, but still seek for fame and money and all their foolish blind fans, techno shit, anjadi kuppas and all those hypocrites who sing the glory of Satan and pray daily... u know who.. (esp in the metal scene in our region), Organized Mass Brainwashing, poseurs, PUNKS! (of the Singapore fancy dress kind), back stabbers, hypocrites, liars, someone who things they are always right, Gangsters and booking in.

Devanand R. - Chicko (throat and microphones)

Conclude what you will, but I can't help but love these guys. OK, maybe they're a bit misguided (read young and angry) but I'm sure their hearts are in the right place. ©Third World Metal is going to rule the planet (at least Swami Dayananda Saraswati thinks so). I think I'm gonna order me a recording. Last news update was back in 2003. I hope they still exist.

some guestbook comments:

...HMM KOOL SITE! and its funny tat a guy frm india knows about anjadis. lord krishnas penis y dont U rent some balls and tell the band wat u wanna say in person... we know who u are!!

...Fukk other races trying to be metal... and fukk all Malay traitors who support you. Black Metal ONLY for Malay in Singapura.. MALAY POWER AND PRIDE...SIEG HEIl!

...Keep the fire of knowledge burning forever. Destroy all that breeds ignorance!!!!!

...Infernal Hails To Narasimha.Blessed are you guys and so is your music . Hail Brutality , Hail Fucking Hail!

...On behalf of AryadevAs members; we hail Narasimha; both its members and hymns!!! Together we shall unleash the onslaught on all bloody holy bastards and mass organized religions!

...Keep on manifesting the BRUTALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...hey i found out about your band thru Mr.Seelan. He sent me your song "Holy Slaughter" a long time ago thru internet. Good to see that the album will be out soon.

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