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Grant Wallace was born in Hopkins, Missouri, in 1868, the son of a judge. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Western College in Shenandoah, Iowa, in 1889, after which he took classes at the Art Students League in New York City. Around 1892 he moved to San Francisco and worked as an artist and reporter for the Examiner, an editorial and feature writer for the Chronicle, and a war correspondent for the Evening Bulletin in Japan and China. Later he entered politics, wrote short stories and screen plays, and lectured on occultism. In the years following the First World War, Wallace became increasingly obsessed with trying to unlock the secrets of the universe. He built a small laboratory in the redwood forests near Carmel, California, where, working alone each day, he experimented with "sublimated telepathy" or what he sometimes referred to as "mental radio." Using elaborate mathematical calculations, he attempted to arrive at formulae that would reveal the patterns of life and prove that reincarnation was real, that there is intelligent life on other planets, and that it is possible to communicate with spirits beyond the grave. He filled dozens of notebooks with messages from the dead, including not only ancient Greeks and Egyptians, cavemen from the lost continent of Atlantis, and Viking sailors, but also more recent figures such as Thomas Jefferson and Charles Darwin. Interestingly, each of the hundreds of messages he "received" was recorded in a different handwriting, often appropriate to the times in which the sender had lived. Wallace also maintained open communication with individuals on Mars, the moons of Jupiter and Uranus, on Zingomar (a planet of the star Altair), and, not least, with people living on planets near the Pleiades star cluster. Many of the Pleiadians he knew by name, and even by face, as they transmitted images of themselves, which he then drew. When he died about 1955, Wallace left his tiny cabin filled with a cache of hundreds of drawings, charts, diagrams, and writings. These have only recently come to light and have not yet been fully examined.

Tah-Nezh of Mars

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