Monday, February 28, 2005

COMIC RELIEF: "I REMOVE THE HEMORRHOIDS IN TEN MINUTES" recently presented a verbatim transcript of English-language publicity material for a Skopje business, which is very enjoyable, especially if you are familiar with both Macedonian and English grammar. All names are initialed in order to protect the privacy of the persons mentioned in the text.

Treatment of hemorrhoids, deformation of the back


Is it familiar to you that Dr.A.D. is the man with the [adjective omitted] heart,just like his name?In that heart there is a place for all the people who are "write-off" from world.He didn't give the health to them with the "magic stick". Patients from hard decease ,even incurable speak about there incredible but true recovery.His motto is : There is no "hokus-pokus"there is only using of natural factors without using of surgery knifes.

This is a first time( after his returning from Switzerland ) the famous doctor openly in front of the Macedonian public,specially for MExpress,to explain( through the picture and word )the secret of his own long-standing practical work.

If the ordination(made in stile of old Macedonian folk house) of the doctor "miracle worker" there is a many people,with a different age.Looking for a salvation!!!

Without any exemption he will help to every body who will turn to him for curing from scoliosis , spondilosis , ishialgicus , kiphosis , headaches , hemorrhoids, circulation of the blood decease of the modern time.

"You should not call me a doctor miracle worker" is the word of A.D. who receive me after many reschedule.He is a busy man,as always but he is very generous in giving of help to the people.He is remarkable man with his figure and with his way of communication.

"I never think –will I have a success with a patient or not.Everything what I have done is without a missing" says the doctor.

"I work with my therapy and methods with the switz precision.My occupation (with help of my escort doctor equip) is a correction of bad body standings,nomatter of the name.All deformation of the back is most important to me .I cure without a medicine from chemical nature.But about everything please contact with my patients.When they came to me I make a complete biomechanical analysis of the structure of the standing of his body.The way of the working is totally new.The most difficult deformation are curable with 10 or 12 therapys,and this information looks ridiculous to the classic medicine.


Methods and the way of working of Dr.A.D. (for all information call [his phone number]) as a innovation now are unique in Macedonia and on Balkany. Dr.D. remove the spondylosis –can you imagine- with six therapy.Incredible !!!

"My therapy can continue the life of patient and improve all function of the organism.The human is with constant improving. There is no surgery operation and the effects are over 90%.Unfortunatelly many people came to me when it is too late,looking from me to made what is impossible,to become possible.I accept the "write-off"people who have very large pain.After the second treatment,the patient start to feeling better.Or in the case when people came to me with a kateter.After the secon treatment he throw the kateter.In short,the spinal brain lie on his place with heating on plus 60 degree.


I should repeat : Don't call me a doctor miracle worker.No, you shouldnot do that.Because I am a man with outstanding will,the socaled unscientific to put into a function of scientific.Even I do not make a surgery operation ,I will say that physiotherapy and surgery should go hand by hand.In Macedonia there is not such coorporation.They don't believe me when I say there is no decease who can not be cure.How?Each person should have a regime of his every day living with his job and nutrition.I will tell you one example with one judge.After a couple of consultation I gave him one of my medicine to massage him self with the medicine and to spread on him.He was back between the living persons.He was hopeless for the medicine.And when we meet he "take off his hat".

Comentars of the patients

R.T. from Skopje.
"After five therapies I become a new person.Before this,I could not walk,my fingers was unmoveble.I have a paresis.Now ,I fill a lot better.Hi is my rescuer."

S.B. from Prilep:
"My back was curved and I have a very big pain.I was in Belgrade,Novi Sad,Skopje... but without any success.Therapy of Dr.D. help me.With the sixth therapy I start to live my live again.I not regret for my visit to uncle A.

V.P. from Strumica:
"I have a rheumatic pain in my neck side of the back.No medicine was helping me.Now I came here for the first time.My friend show me the right direction.I believe in his therapy.

V.M. from Kumanovo:
"I came to the doctor with my daughter and she have two and a half year.She have some kind of rheumatism of the joints.After his therapy there is a improving of a situation for a 70 %. Before that nobody help to my daughter."


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